From the Guildmaster, Randall Frost:

Compiled below is the rough history of the Obsidian Guard. I say rough because information does slip through the cracks. My memory isn’t what it used to be but I’ve done a pretty good job remembering the basics of what happened. Like with The Elder Scrolls, our guild can be divided into eras. Now unlike the ES eras which last centuries, ours are in months. Keep in mind that the guild is always in motion; therefore we are always in the present moment called the “Current” era. Whenever a monumental change occurs within the guild; it is broken off, named and archived within our history. This is when the next “Current” era begins. We begin our history “In the Beginning”.


The “In the Beginning” Era

The Obsidian Guard was created July 3rd, 2015. The name comes from the trait stone that makes Dunmer gear. I always have played as a Dunmer since the days of TES III: Morrowind. Originally, I was going to call the guild The Obsidian Order. But when you say OO, it’s taken as oh oh, which is never good. So what went good with the O? Well G of course, standing for Guard.  OG makes a statement; original gangsters, original guild, Obsidian Guard. So the guild became reality; I created a recruitment page on the ESO forum, recruited what few friends I had playing the game, and off the guild went.

That first week was bumpy, primarily because I didn’t really have any idea what kind of guild I wanted to have. I’m a shy person by nature so getting out there to recruit was way outside my comfort level. But I had to try, just to see if I could. That first week saw very few people join that would stay. But amongst them at the time was DraydenDD, my first blind recruit found wandering in the EP. Every so often, he jumped into game but those days are long past. He was officially the longest serving member in our guild outside of me. That honor now goes to Romp3rStomp3r69. So after our first week and very little recruitment, I tweaked the recruiting page. I had been listening to area chat, learning the pros and cons out there. My biggest problem was that many of the existing guilds migrated over from the PC or created long before the console release, therefore established. I was starting from scratch and it was a struggle. I heard the hatred for the legions out there with their strict policies or the trade guilds with their expensive dues. So I asked myself what I would be looking for in a guild. A relaxed, no stress, pressure free guild that lets you play when you can. Bingo! That’s the guild I will build. So I tweaked the recruitment page to reflect that new direction, and it worked. Over the next couple of weeks; members like Renhardt, Raven Sonata, Romp3rStomp3r69, Coyote NZ, and Completely Toast joined our ranks. On 7/25; we unlocked the guild store for all to use, I also opened the guild bank for all to use, and more would be coming. This concludes the “In the Beginning” era.


The “Expansion” and “Wild West” Era (Yes, I said Wild West)

I ended the “In the Beginning” era abruptly, in case you noticed. The reason; there was a distinct line where that era ended and the “Expansion” era began. The same cannot be said about the “Wild West” era. One could say it was already there, lying dormant during the expanse, waiting for the right time to emerge. I do know this; when it began is fuzzy to me. It just did and helped forge the guild into what it is today.

You read how it took 23 days to reach 50 members. Well over the next 14 days, we would grow by 200. What?! Are you kidding me?! No. Insane right? Between July 27 and August 9, the “Expansion” era saw our numbers jumped dramatically. A few notable names that joined during this time include; Wyt3Rabbit, desiianowr, Crim50nWulf(S0ulWulf), Ryu Levone, Blly Dnsr(BillieDino) Lady Katria(Katfeine), IHI Energy, shotofespresso, PLAGUE, and HedgeKnight. There are 2 more names of note that joined during this stretch but first I need to switch eras before doing so. Because of such an influx of members, there were no real rules in place to keep members in line. I was going with the “use common sense” approach, which clearly didn’t work.

So thus somewhere in here began the “Wild West” era. I call it that because there was no law and order, members started to do what they wanted. This honestly went with our casual, play when you want, how you want, mentality. Now while most were civil and orderly, we did have our bad apples. A few members were menaces in guild chat while others abused the guild bank, which was still open for all to use. Note: guild gold has never been at risk, I’ve always held strict control over it. But everything else was up for grabs and that was a temptation for a few who wanted to make a quick buck. This started slowing my in game playing as I began policing the bank when on, which was not fun. Hours of scouring over the transaction histories took their toll on me. However, on 7/27 I was lucky to have someone join who wouldn’t mind taking over and keeping tabs on the bank.

Our first notable name is Ariel35611. With her help, we were able to keep the bank organized, track down the offenders, and keep some kind of order. But it was still crazy out there, so I got a few of our regular chat helpers to become our first real batch of officers. They were known then as Watch Commanders, pretty much what our Ambassadors are today. They would help out members answering questions along with helping with dungeons and delves in their respective alliances. Back in these days even I would jump in and assist with dungeons and delves when time permitted. But time rarely did as I tried to get the guild moving in some sort of orderly fashion forward.

Fortunately; that’s where our second notable name comes in, MadDawg sic em. MadDawg(MD) joined on 8/5 and had been in constant chat with me through xbox live. Over the coming days, he ran a bunch of ideas by me that I was already contemplating but had no idea on how to implement. With my zero experience on running a guild of this size, he took the reins with all his experience of running guilds/clans and began reshaping our guild. Our sheriff had arrived to tame our “Wild West” era and lead us into the “Modern” era.


The “Modern” Era

As we roll into the “Modern” era, one could say we are still in it. Yes and no. A lot of what we use and do today was implemented during this era. As for the “Wild West” era, it ended as elusively as it began. Again, my mind gets fuzzy, but over time it just faded away. Our numbers continued to grow, surpassing 300 to 350. Among the many that joined during the “Modern” era include; f1shb0wn (Fish), flujerky, Boss, Hurly, funnylady, knalei, Steel Wulfen, FilteredRiddle, and MrPunisher7(l PUN1SHER l).

MadDawg (MD) saw the potential of making this guild better and knew how to do it. He had a three plan approach; 1: Communication, 2: Organization, 3: Officers. This three plan concept was intertwined with each other; all three had to exist for it to work.  So over the next couple of months, all three would be implemented and would build the foundation we are today. But getting there was always an adventure.

1: Communication. Game chat can be intimidating to those who are a bit shy. It also has its moments when it fails or some problem comes along. (After all, this is ZOS were talking about.) The idea was to establish an outside comm. system so our members could chat away from the game. Our first chat app was Bindle, which served us well in the beginning. But over time, there were issues with it so we moved to Skype for a brief time. While much better than Bindle, it seemed ok until we found Discord. Everything we were looking for was there and we moved to that app. Along with mobile chat, MD also created a Facebook page and a Twitter account for us to stay in contact with. The outside communication concept was a full success; it got many talking that would not have been if we had stayed solely with game chat.

2: Organization. Once Bindle was established, getting overall organized was high priority. It was at this point MD felt he was starting to over step his position. I immediately gave him full authority to do what he felt was needed for the health of the guild. He became our Lord Commander, which was the Second in Command (SIC) position at the time. This caused a little resistance among a few members; they thought MD had somehow taken the guild from me. But I assured them I knew what was happening and he had my trust. MD started us at gamerlaunch.com, a place he’d gone to in the past for his guilds. While rudimentary, the website had what we needed to get started. I decided to give it a little character by calling it Azura’s Keep. The reason; my character being a dunmer, Azura is one of the few daedric princes not wholly evil and worshiped by the dark elves. Unfortunately, the website had limitations and more was expected of it than it could provide. So Fish took it upon himself to build the new Azura’s Keep from the ground up at obsidianguard.org. That website would carry us into the “Mythic/Dawn” era.  

3: Officers. The key to order is a chain of command. Let’s face it; we live in a world where there is a command structure. Without it, it’s “Wild West” chaos. The Watch Commanders did their part for the most but lacked authority or rules to govern by. While MD was getting Bindle and Azura’s Keep running, he kept tabs on the WC to see how they functioned. Once completed, he created the Elder Council. The concept was to have 3 members per faction on the council; they would handle making and enforcing policy, be available in chat, etc. Most of those serving as WC were picked to become members of the EC, with a couple of them still there today. The WC rank was dissolved, with those in that rank returning to the Sentinel. With the EC formed, rules and policies were outlined, created and voted on. Not every idea passed but what did still exist today; strengthening, protecting, and maintaining order for our guild.

With all three of his plan in place and working, MD turned his attention to his personal dream, creating an AD combat guild. Combat guilds were something he always wanted; the idea of a large force roaming Cyrodiil, rolling through enemies and taking objectives. You know them as Zergs. For those who’ve been there, you’ve seen it when a large enemy force becomes unstoppable, taking one keep after another with no way to stop them. Eventually you lose or pray for reinforcements to arrive to buffer and drive them back. It’s exciting when you’re in that moment, being a part an organized force of that size that’s nearly unstoppable and it was MD’s dream. So the idea of 3 sister combat guilds was brought before the EC and they voted yes. The combat guilds were created; Knights Obsidian (KO) led by MD, Wolves Obsidian (WO) led by Soul Wulf, Draconis Obsidian (DO) led by Rabbit. While they had some success, they didn’t get the numbers they needed to do what MD wished to do. The truth being, were not a Legion with hardened PvP players. The people he was looking for already had a guild to do that with and didn’t want to sacrifice one of their coveted guild spots to join. Ultimately, the combat guilds would dissolve or splinter off sometime during the “Current” era. I’ll explain more about that then.

Before this “Modern” era segment closes, we have one more piece of history to unfortunately add, the heists. In an earlier era I mentioned the abuse the guild bank suffered from a few members. Nothing compares to the 3 heists that happened; 2 during the “Modern” era, 1 during the “Mythic/Dawn” era. The first heist took place early in MD’s tenure; the EC hadn’t been formed yet. The member took all high end colored items, food, and mats. He left all white items, bait, empty soul gems and lock picks. But he didn’t leave the guild, so I stockade his ass and bombarded him with messages on why he did it. No response, in fact he stopped playing xbox according to his live account. But I kept him in the stockade hoping to hear from him. Why? It’s not like it was going to make anything better, but I wanted to know. He became the first person I kicked from the guild, right after the second heist. Fortunately, our members responded by resupplying the banks with items, led by Coyote with lots of provisions. With Azura’s Keep now running, I decided to change access to the bank. I decided to only let those who signed up at the website (Sentinels) be allowed access, everyone else (Guardians) only have deposit and store access. A few weeks later, after the EC was formed, heist number 2 happened. This time everything was taken and the member left. Again our members, led by Coyote’s provisions and MD’s mats, restocked the bank. But severe anger rippled through the guild, this had to end. The thief had signed up at the website as I requested, and a few days after promotion, robbed us blind. So the EC drafted the bank access rule that exists today, and it has worked successfully, except for the last heist. That one happened during the “Mythic/Dawn” era, so we’ll get to it then.

The “Modern” era came to an end when MD decided to step down to focus more on KO. Fortunately, he already had his replacement ready to take over, BllyDnsr. He called her his “Hand”, helping with a number of guild operations. So on 10/12, Blly took over as SIC becoming the guilds first Hand. I took over the rank of Lord Commander and we moved forward in the “Mythic/Dawn” era.


The "Mythic/Dawn" Era

The “Mythic/Dawn” era does not refer to the Mehrunes Dagon cult in TES IV: Oblivion. The “Dawn” refers to the dawn of a new era the guild was taking. The “Mythic” refers to me becoming a recluse in game, so much so that Blly started calling me, “The Myth, The Legend”. During this era, our numbers continued to grow. We surpassed 400 and marched steadily towards capacity at 500. Amongst the numbers that joined include; DravenDraconus, fatA1 3Xistence, KCCO Taperwater, Gyp5yTear5, MadIrish, Ranger STL, miraluz, kdog, Tariel43, SGRiverDan, Colossus8181, and GrimNoirKnight.

The “Mythic” side of the era started when I began withdrawing after that horrible day in October. For those who don’t know, I live in Roseburg, Oregon. On October 1st, 2015 our community became another statistic in the mass casualty school shooting category. My daughter had just started her second year there and was in the library when it happened. Fortunately, she is fine but the incident touched everyone in our small community. At that moment, the game didn’t matter to me. The guild was in transition during this time; MD was about to retire as Lord Commander and Blly was taking over as Hand, SIC. With everything going on in Real Life, I put the guild in her hands and checked out for most of October.

When I did finally return, I was quiet in chat. Every so often I’d say hi but for the most part I enjoyed the solace of just the game’s score. But even after a couple of weeks, the game began to wear on me. I was mid-way through Cadwell’s Silver, which placed me in DC, when I burned out. Somewhere in the Alik’r desert I just quit playing, done with the game. I had no heart, no desire. Fortunately, Blly was there. I let her know I needed some serious time away and the guild was hers. I trusted her with whatever she wanted to do as long as it was in the best interest of the guild. I maintained recruiting and promoting but basically, the guild was hers. I do apologize for doing something a guild master should never do, abandon their guild. In my opinion she did a great job. She expanded the guild, making it stronger and better than before. I am forever grateful for everything she did in my absence.

The “Dawn” side of the era started with Blly taking over as Second in Command, Lord Hand. She picked up where MD left off, continuing to expand our guild and make it stronger. I also promoted Fish to Third in Command, making him Lord Commander. His primary duty was keeping our technical side running and supporting Blly when needed. I officially made Ariel our Master of Coin; she was already running the bank in the background, time to make it official. I took the role of Lord Marshal, it sounds cool and I’m a big Riddick fan. Lol! With that, the High Council was formed.

We had three sister crafting guilds unite with the OG; FFA ran by funnylady, HOFF ran by CoyoteNZ, and Mammoth Trading ran then by AWKWERDTURTLE and now by ChatyC. Delve Hammer (DH) was formed, led by Fish and broadcasted on Twitch. Its purpose, to show helpful insight on fighting world bosses. DH also ran a fundraiser for Active Heroes Christmas 2015, raising $1000 for this important charity. A community of leaders know as our Ambassadors were formed, ran by Shots and Riddle. An event planning group was formed to keep us on top of being organized for weekly/monthly events; including lotteries, contests, trials, etc. The guild was doing very well then despite my absence and “Mythic” approach. But we did have our problems.

Early in this era we had our last heist. The member stole all high end colored items, food, mats and left the guild. However, we were able to reach this person and his excuse was classic; “it wasn’t me; my friend was using my GT”. How did this person get past our bank rules you ask? Well that one was on me. He was grandfathered in, being a member before the rules were applied. He had been a solid member up to that point, giving credence to his claim of not doing it. However, he was never heard from again. This prompted the last piece of the bank’s rules be added; no exceptions. I went though and demoted the few who were grandfathered in and we haven’t had another heist since. Abuse however, still happens and members are warned when they have been caught. Ariel stays on top of the bank’s transaction log, keeping an eye on all that goes on in there.

We also reached capacity; 500 members. I never thought I’d see the day that would happen, especially how hard it took to get us here. But not all 500 were active and more wished to join. So a purge on inactive members was needed. With Fish’s help, a list of the inactive members was summited to me and I released 100 non active members.

The Combat Guilds did not do as well as expected. Primarily because recruiting outside the OG was restricted. To help with this, we dissolved that rule, allowing outside recruiting with no requirements of them to join the OG. The name changed from Combat to Alliance guilds. Unfortunately over time, the Alliance guilds went dormant except Wolves Obsidian. Led by Wulf and independent of the OG, certain issues started to arise amongst the two guilds. This eventually led to Wulf leaving the OG, taking his WO guild to parts unknown. DH also went dormant, as its few members left the game, thanks to ZOS tweaking it.

With the loss of Wulf’s WO, Blly decided to form her own DC PvP guild; the Obsidian Covenant. Her guild took off, consuming a lot of her time. Around the same time, Fish had to step away from the game due to personal family issues. In his absence, Riddle took up responsibility of the website, Azura’s Keep. The site, which always had its ups and downs, was becoming unstable. We needed to move back to our original location at gamerlaunch, which fortunately was still there. Untouched for months, Riddle worked tirelessly there, updating it and moving everything from one site to the other. This was also around the time I returned to the game at full capacity, reinvigorated by the DLC and my introduction to warring Cyrodiil.

So in early March, the “Mythic/Dawn” era came to an end. We moved back to obsidianguard.gamerlaunch.com and rerouted obsidianguard.org to go to this address too. Blly stepped down as Hand, naming MrPunisher as her successor. Fish retired to the EC and Riddle was chosen to replace him as Lord Commander. From here, we move into the “Complacent” era.


The “Complacent” Era

The “Complacent” era was the pinnacle of the Guild’s success. In reality we had made it; a successful guild within the ESO game, active recruitment and overall fun. But it was lacking freshness. We needed to go to the next level or the guild would grow stagnate and fail. We pick up after the end of the “Mythic/Dawn”era.

There had been a recruiting freeze until after the purge although a few names did slip through during it. Once the freeze had been lifted, our numbers again swelled fast to 500. Fortuantely, ZOS has added the ability for us to track when someone has last been actively on. This has been instrumental in keeping the ranks thinned for the most part. Among those who joined are; SavageFire124, ArchonRavage, Game Boyo, TRichmo, PRichmo, Demonic Ripper, Xgrimreaper96, and TyDog.

In March we saw a new High Council with Punisher as Hand and Riddle as Lord Commander. As with MD and Blly, I gave Punisher the same trust and authority. Riddle is busy keeping the website functioning and usable. Ariel continues to keep an eye on the bank, keeping me informed on potential abusers. I’ve slowly started appearing in game; although I’m mainly in Cyrodiil helping EP anyway I can. I’m listening in on chat when I can and started having more of a presence on discord. Unfortunately, my headset was slowly dying without me truly noticing. So when I wanted to jump in and say hi, I couldn’t. Eventually, I would get a new set and be again vocal in chat.

Thanks to the Thieves Guild DLC, cross faction grouping became a reality. The X-ALLIANCE GROUP was formed for just this purpose.  Being able to do cross-alliance groups for dungeons and trials meant the days of being separated by alliance allegiance were over. Discord became the key to helping organize such events, especially last minute groups like Undaunted Dailies. We also gained another sister guild; The Boss Hunters ran by GrimNoirKnight. This complete crafting guild helps those with their need to level character’s crafting skills, craft gear for members, and go shopping for that rare piece.

With so many former great officers, I wanted to create a special rank for them. Going back to our origins, I chose the name Watch Commanders for this special group. The WC rank is for those who have served in the EC or HC, members who have helped this guild be what it is today. This is where Year1 ends.

The 2nd year started with our 1 Year Anniversary events. Hosted by funnylady; a month long celebration of our 1 year anniversary went off pretty smoothly. Lots of hosted events and prizes were given out. I did the Year in Review on the history of the Guild in the newsletter. You can now find the complete history on the website. All on the surface seemed to be going good but I could feel a bit of staleness taking hold. Here we were celebrating 1 Year as a successful guild in ESO; a feat not many original guilds can claim. But where do we go from here? How do we get the guild renewed and moving forward again? If something doesn’t happen were going to spiral to collapse.  

As we started to talk on what to do next; FilteredRiddle unfortunately had to step down from3IN due to health reasons. This slowed us even more as we decided on who would replace him. Knalei was chosen to take over as Lord Commander. 3IN. With an all new High Council in place; it was time to start looking to the next phase. But to get there required something that was always lackluster; speed. The guilds’ governing body, the Elder Council, liked to move at the speed of slow. Now I’m sure to ruffle a few feathers with that comment. In fact I’m sure a few would say, “at least we showed up Randall.” And I’ll take that, I deserve that. I have my faults and I’m always working on them. But the EC has responsibilities that at the time were not being met. The same could be said about the Ambassadors as well. So some restructuring happened. Punisher took the rules that were in place by Blly; revised and enforced them. Along the way a few EC and Ambassadors retired and familiar members took their place.

However; even that process took time. I did not like the fact that everything was moving so slowly that I unfortunately jumped the gun. I made the mistake of expediting a couple of EC member’s retirement without fully consulting everyone. Then and now I regret the way I handled it. The couple I am speaking of understood the decision and held no hard feelings. But I do apologize and learned that some things can’t be rushed. And so the slow crawl of moving forward continued. Once new personnel were in place; the process of where to go from there began. Of course that’s easier said than done.

This is where one might say there were 2 parts to the “Complacent” era. Hindsight being 20/20; even after all the moves, the staleness wasn’t going anywhere soon. In fact it would stick around until January 2017. Part 1 being the New Direction “Complacent” came to a close and Part 2 being the Busy “Complacent” began. How is that possible you ask? Unfortunately everyone was busy with the game and “Complacent” with the Guild, me included. The reason happened to do with the biggest change to the game at that time; One Tamriel. 

ZOS kicked the game on its side by unlocking the alliance boundaries. No more were we separated and for the first time, we could group together to do content with no restrictions. This latest Update saw the end of the Vet ranking system and the ability to go anywhere and game however you wanted to. It had its complications, its haters and lovers. But for the overall success and survivability of the guild, this was a win. We’re a casual guild with members across all 3 alliances; having no border gave us unlimited possibilities. Over the next few months ideas would be thrown out there; improve guild participation with events, possibly revamping the guild and rebranding its image. But things still ran slow and ZOS wasn’t done.

A Halloween Event with new recipes, Motifs, and rare costumes had everyone looking for Plundered Skulls on World Bosses. Along with double XP, the grind was on to get it all. When that was over; ZOS celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Orsinium. I unfortunately missed that event do to burning out on Plundering Skulls. I would take a few weeks off gaming before returning in December. I would be on for promoting, purging, and researching. With the holidays rapidly approaching, everyone started to relax and ride the year out. I figured we would work on pulling ourselves out of this “Complacent” era after New Year’s.

With the arrival of 2017 came the New Life Festival; with more recipes, new Motifs, rare costumes and double XP. Unlike before; you were tasked to go all over Tamriel to complete various New Life events. So the grind was on again but that would not deter Punisher and his plan. Entirely bold and exactly what the Guild needed; a redesigned, rebranded look. And unlike before, slow wasn’t an option. We needed to turn it around quickly or alienate and lose members we had. So with the help of the entire officer’s corps; the “Complacent” era abruptly ended. The “Reinvention” era had begun.


The "Reinvention" Era

The “Reinvention” era actually started in stages before it truly began. The first stage was weeding out the inactive members. I issued an “Active” policy stating that as long as you showed “ONLINE” in game within a 4 month period, your spot was safe. I realize real life happens so if anyone wanted their spot saved, I would save it for them. As a perk for being a “Retired Officer”, they were exempt to the policy. Eventually I had to lower to a 3 month period because the inactive number was still too high and more new members wanted to join.

With that in place the next phase was getting members active. After many failed attempts, Punisher and the officers worked on creating an event schedule. Hosted by our officers; these daily events would cater to our casual core of members. The only exception at that time was Motif Mondays hosted by GrimNoirKnight, who wasn’t an officer. Already an established event; it was highly popular with our crafters in getting all the motifs available in the game. Also the Order of Obsidian Trials vet team was created, led by SavageFire. This team offered harder content for our more seasoned members looking to complete the vet trials. With two days set with events, all we needed were more casual guild events. Thanks to One Tamriel, grouping together from different alliances made this very easy. From Skyshard, Lore Book, overland World Boss hunting to Fishing, clearing Public Dungeons and Delves; there was an event for everyone.

With members now more active, the harder part of our “Reinvention” began. Punisher’s idea was sound; let’s rebrand the OG and make it even more appealing to both old and new members. Lemon spearheaded the design of our logo, Ryu spearheaded the design of the new tabard, Knalei reworded our recruitment post on the ESO forums; all with input from our officers. This all took a couple of hard weeks but the end result was amazing. The final touch was the renaming of the ranks with creative descriptions, courtesy of Lemon. The rebranding was complete, the “Reinvention” of the OG was over and it was time to move forward fresh and renewed. So early in February, the “Reinvention” era came to an end and we entered the "Current" era or I now call the “Golden” era.


The "Golden" Era

We have arrived at the "Golden" era, formally the "Current" era. This is the current and final era of the guild. But it is not the end; the guild has reached a point where I can not find a sigificant event to break off, rename, and file away in our history. While there have been points of interest, for the most part we are the same guild at this point in history as we are currently. So from this point on; I will periodically add to the history key events as they unfold and try to keep it up to date. So with that said; welcome to our "Golden" era.   

Not long after the “Reinvention” era ended, an issue with GrimNoirKnight arose. Now I know there has been speculation and rumors surrounding this issue and I am not going into any of those details. What did happen was a very tumultuous and stressful week with him leaving the OG. This resulted with the guild having to sever ties with his guild; The Boss Hunters. This was a huge loss to the OG; that guild was the home to most of our dedicated crafters and fear of backlash and chaos weighed heavy on my mind. However, in a stunning move, Grim handed TBH over to Ariel and left the game. A few days later, Ariel graciously brought TBH back as a sister crafting guild to the OG. That had to be one of the most stressful weeks I’ve ever had with this guild.

Fortunately 2 new distractions were on the horizon that got everyone excited. First off, Homesteads. Finally you could own houses in ESO; as long as you either had the achievement and gold or the crowns to do it. This started the question; are we getting a guild house? Originally discussed by the HC; initially it was a no, not until more info had come out. As more information arose, the more it looked like a no. The main sticking point was the 24 member cap the high end houses had. Plus the 3 manors had major pros and cons that just didn’t seem viable for a guild house. It seemed like the dream was dead until an unexpected donation.

Wyt3rabbit; an original member and one of the cornerstones of the OG, sent me a donation to use towards a guild house. The dream was back alive; the EC were brought into the discussion and the real search for a house began. By this time Earthtear Cavern became available in Craglorn and it became the frontrunner. But the elusive Island was coming out for a limited time and we waited to see what that looked like. When the preview of Grand Topal began it became obvious this was the place. Thanks to Wyt3rabbit; the Island Guild House has become our home, furnished by many of our members. It has become the meeting place for most events. It also boasts training dummies and all the crafting stations.

The second was the return to Morrowind. The excitement of returning to Vvardenfell was overwhelming; for many this was our first taste of Elder Scrolls. Along with Morrowind, a new class was also being released, the Warden. All any of us could hope for was that ZOS wouldn’t screw this up. As the months went by; reading the info about the upcoming release was mixed. It wasn’t so much the Morrowind part that bothered members; it was the Update that was practically changing the entire game. Dread and hatred filled a few with the threat of leaving the game because of the future changes. I said this then and I say it now; change is good, especially with this kind of game. Otherwise it would get boring and we would all move on and as a Guild Master, I don’t want to lose anyone.

ESO also held a couple of events; Hew Banes anniversary with double the drops and the Jester Event with new recipes and housing items. There was a real life adventure in late April/early May when shotofespresso traveled to New Zealand and visited funnylady. In June Morrowind released along with the feared Update and for the most part, everything went fine. As the guild year was coming to an end, ESO prepared us for another event; Midyear Mayhem. But that’s for next year’s review.

We had a lot of new members join our ranks throughout the past year and I honestly don’t know which era they joined. So amongst the many that joined include; PlagueFGC, MRoz78, Liquescence, Spidah Handz406, Dite Hart, XxCaDoRxX, MuscledInk90, Artemis Hades, Ozirisno1, AzOutback, Paper Target, strained mind, JackieMeeking, phatklown1, FatherXombie, OleanderPoison, C3G Jester, Adhamhnon, Dasher68, Aggonee, Beautifuleyes69, Zenmaster Jeff, Pynchin, ClayborneMarten, James Almy, JDawgSmooth, and MugzyBaby.

From here you will notice a change in how the history is inputed. As complex and somewhat detailed the past history has been; real life has a habit of intervening so from this point forward, it'll be short a collection of highlights on the guild's current history.

After Morrowind dropped; the guild celebrated its 2nd Anniversary entered the 3rd year on the console. Everything continued on task; from daily events, recruiting new members, and having overall fun as a guild. I won't dispute that there wasn't drama along the way; a guild this size with all walks of life in it, you will get drama. But for the most part it wasn't major and easily worked through. As the year slowly came to end, we were treated with a visit to the Clockwork City. The main storyline in Morrowind suggested a trip to this location was coming and for the mostpart, it was a fun zone to play in. Along with Clockwork, we were given the ability to Transmutate our gear to whatever trait we wanted, as long as we had the Transmutation Crystals to do it and the trait learned. For those who finished that main quest; the next location we would visit was reveiled, Summerset Isle. The new year was shaping up to be a fun filled adventure and the chance to visit that mystical place was going to be exciting.

As we rolled into the new year, 2018; ESO started to settle into a groove. Every year ZOS would release a Chapter, a Zone DLC, and 2 new dungeon DLC packs. Along with these 4 major releases there would be the always feared Updates. Also throughout the year ZOS would celebrate anniversary events; Thieves/Dark Brotherhood Guild, Wrothgar, Morrowind, Clockwork City, Jester, New Life, Witches Festival, Mid-Year Mahem, and their PC launch anniversary which now includes us on the console. With a social guild like ours; all these types of events were in our wheelhouse and we excelled at planning our events with ZOS's.

As Summerset dropped; this new zone was amazing and the main story was satisfying. Along with Summerset; jewelry crafting became a realty, finally. Now we all had the ability to craft set jewelry and improve it ourselves, although the cost to improve is extremely costly. 

More to come...

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