Guild Guidelines

Guild Guidelines

1. Have fun and keep the guild experience enjoyable for everyone.

2. There are different ranks within the guild for different levels of member activity. You will never be expected to “have” to move up in ranks if you don’t care to move up.

3. All new members will have one (1) probationary week, are required to register on Discord and to add an Introduction post, and must be vouched for by an Ambassador or member of the Elder Council in order to gain guild bank access. (See below for Guild Bank Guidelines.)

4. Members are removed from guild after 3 months of inactivity. Members who expect time off can request their spot be held, or re-request membership upon return to activity.

5. Please use the Discord and in-game Voice Chat to communicate with fellow guildmates but refrain from personal attacks, don’t recruit for other guilds, and don’t advertise for anything not relevant to the guild or Elder Scrolls games.

6. Questions regarding guidelines should be funneled through Elder Council members.

7. These guidelines are subject to change after advance notice to the guild.

Sister-guild Guidelines 

1. All new members must become members of Obsidian Guard first and gain main guild bank access.

2. Apply to Alliance Guilds via messaging CoyoteNZ (House of Fine Foods; recipes) or Ariel35611 (Boss Hunters; crafting).

3. Members will not be expected to be part of any sister guild(s).

5. These guidelines are subject to change after advance notice is given to guild.

Bank Guidelines

1. In order to qualify for guild bank access, the following MUST be met (no exceptions):
     a) Guild membership for at least a week;
     b) Guild Discord server registration;
     c) An introduction post in the Discord #intro-post channel;
     d) Vouch of Elder Councillor or Ambassador (participation in voice chat or text chat is required).

2. Please don’t clutter the limited bank slots with easy-to-come-by items (aka white or green), unless they are to help members with writs. This is also true for items with zero value unless they have traits or enchantments that can be used for research, etc.

3. If you see that there is already a large amount of a particular item and you were considering depositing more, please reconsider (see guideline #2).

4. Remove what you need, then deposit the rest back into the bank. Withdraw a stack, use “Y” to divide it, then put what you don’t need back into the bank.

5. Guild bank items are cleaned out approximately every two weeks.

6. Deposits of gold are always welcome.

7. Be considerate of the rest of the guild when withdrawing items.

8. These guidelines are subject to change after advance notice is given to guild.

Chat Guidelines

1. "Watermelon" is the clear comms word. If someone says "watermelon" please stop talking, and allow the person to ask their question or state their comment.

2. No religion or politics.

3. No hate speech (e.g. race, sex, gender, sexual orientation).

4. Mute your mic for burping, farting, or outside conversation.

5. These guidelines are subject to change after advance notice is given to guild.

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