About Us

This is Azura's Keep: Fortress Home of the Obsidian Guard

Mission Statement

Members from 3 alliances gather here under one banner, all unified to preserve our core principles. The goal is a simple one; have a fun relaxing time. We are a stress free but active, no pressure, play when you can, type of guild. The guild store is open to all here and we charge NO guild fees.

Within the Keep's walls, you will find an added layer for our guild. This is the place to visit and discuss all aspects of the game. The West Wing is where we will plan and organize groups for the PvP/PvE, group dungeon and trials aspects of the game. The East Wing houses our crafting guilds: Food for Africa, House of Fine Food, and The Boss Hunters. We also have the Keep's Marketplace where you can post or request items to sell/buy/trade with other members. One tower is dedicated to the supernatural, where bites can be negotiated for. The second tower houses our Elder Council, where our leaders meet to discuss guild operations. There are many aspects this guild offers; but for the most part, we're just a laid back group looking to have fun.

If you're interested in enhancing your game play or joining the guild, click the "login/register" button above. Please use your gamertag as your profile name. If an invite is needed, one will be sent next time one of us is on. Thank you and good hunting.

Randall Frost
  Grand Master / Guild Commander / Guild Master - Obsidian Guard


Guild Leadership Roles


Ambassadors are the first line of leadership. They're charged with ensuring new Guards receive a proper welcome and that questions about the Guards and Tamriel are answered in a timely manner. In addition, they often serve as liasons between Guards and the Elder Council.

Elder Council

The Elder Council leads the Obsidian Guard. All decisions made for the guild ultimately tie back to discussions amongst the Elder Council. The EC bare a great weight of responsibility, shared amongst all members of the Council. Their goal is to ensure the smooth functioning of the Obsidian Guard.

High Council

The High Council consists of the First-in-command, Second-in-command, Third-in-command, Fourth-in-command, and Master of Coin. Their primary focus is the higher functioning of the guild, e.g. personnel disputes, major guild oversight, recruitment, etc.

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