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This section is home to the many websites and guides that the Obsidian Guard Elder Council believe to be helpful.

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Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages:

The Elder Scrolls Online Wiki:



PvE and PvP builds, plus a few guides.

Tamriel Foundry:

Builds can be found in the "Theorycrafting" sections of the forums.


Fextralife Sets:

All in-game Sets with an easy to use interference.
Click the bubbles (e.g. One Tamriel, Shadows of the Hist, Dark Brotherhood) to filter.
Click the names of sets to get specific information on that set, beyond what is listed.

UESP Overland Sets:

All sets found in normal zones (i.e. not dungeons).

UESP Dungeon Sets:

All sets found in dungeons.

ESO Fashion:

A site which catalogs the many fashionable looks available in ESO.


Fishing in Tamriel:

Website covers everything you need to know about fishing.

Fishing Tracker:

Go to 'File' and 'Make a Copy'. It'll make a copy onto your own Google Drive. On your own blank copy, place a '1' in the square box next to the Fish names you have caught, and hit Enter. It'll update the tally in the top right hand corner to keep track of the fish you have.


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